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Thanks, Montse Cortes > 28/03/2016 > 4 Old Bakery Close.
Thank you, Montse, for introducing me to 100Thanks. And for being a great friend. I most value that you are true to all the values that you hold so dear to you. Many people TALK about their values. You enact yours. That means such a lot to me....and to all those who know and love you for it.

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Thanks from Monti > 04/04/2016 > Swindon.
Thank you Tim, for coming to dinner and letting us share with you our home. Thank you for making the people believe that an Insurance Company is a place based in people and not only in money. Thank you for being those kind of people that really makes the world a better place, you are like man in the fairytale that saved the fish. You also make things count!!

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28 March 2016